First blog post


Arid garden, Australian Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

I work in sustainability education. It’s inspiring and depressing at the same time. People tend to either care about the environment and their consumption, or they don’t. There is little in terms of a middle ground. This makes my job very hard, as I’m either working with passionate individuals who are facing an uphill battle of their own, or trying to convince everyone else that sustainable actions are for the benefit of all. It’s rewarding, but mostly frustrating. It’s also how I discovered the zero waste movement. I spent a lot of time trawling the internet for new ways to engage my clients and started reading more and more about zero waste. I already had an aversion to mindless consumerism, so going zero waste fitted easily with my values. Practically, I thought it would be impossible. Which in theory it nearly is. Living outside a metro area, in a town where sustainability is low on the agenda, makes it even harder. But I am finding ways around things and learning all the time. I also found a college exchange student I knew from Florida through Instagram, which was a great personal connection. I found shops that sell limited dry goods in bulk and have learnt to make things myself that I had never considered in the past. Zero waste is rewarding on a personal level. I feel good whenever I discover something new or a new way of making something I used to buy packaged.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for some time. It was actually one of my 2018 new year’s resolutions. Not that I needed that to make me do it. I just needed to commit an afternoon to setting everything up. I got Instagram about six months ago and really like the story telling aspect of it. I want to tell my story.

This blog is about adventure. Those in my house, back yard and afar. It’s about the difference an individual can make, and realising the beauty in what we have at our finger tips. I know I am lucky. I have a job, a house, a car, a dog, chooks, a husband and loving family and friends. I have the ability to do things others don’t. I will use this privilege to encourage others with the same privilege to make choices to create a sustainable and secure future on behalf of those who can’t change their circumstances.

Sustainability action is not the responsibility of the Government. It is our responsibility. We must create a movement, a shift so strong that industry and markets respond to us and change their ways. We are responsible. Individual actions do make a difference.

Take your own bags shopping, turn off the lights, use air conditioning sparingly, don’t over water, wear a jumper (or three), walk outside, pick up litter, only flush poo, pee and paper, say no to disposables, shop secondhand, buy seasonal, ask for no straw.

Start small, read widely, think about your impact. It’s up to us.


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